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Sunday, July 14, 2024


Kind words from our clients. 


We have been going to Pat and Laura for approximately 8 years now. We see them regularly for hot stones and reflexology sessions. My sessions with Pat have done more good for my back and tennis elbow than physiotherapy and chiropractic sessions. I always feel refreshed and full of vim and vigor after my treatments. If I do end up with a cold, it seems to last only one or two days whereas other colleagues’ colds last over a week. I certainly attribute this feat to my regular sessions as well as a treatment of ear candling to clear out my sinuses.

My mother, who is 87 years old, is not on any medication at all. We attribute part of her good health to good genes but also to her regular sessions with Laura. Before mom went to Country Lane, she suffered constantly from leg cramps, but since she has been going for regular treatment, the cramps have subsided dramatically. 

Pat and Laura are very attuned to our individual needs as they work through a session so they apply whatever they think is necessary to ease whatever ailments we may not even be aware of yet! Mom and I trust and respect their vast knowledge and their holistic approach to health care. We highly recommend them without any reservations whatsoever. 

Kelley and Marian McKnight
MIlton and St. Catharines, Ontario

After suffering a stroke many years ago, Pat has been able to bring some feeling back into the damaged side of my body through hot stones therapy. No matter how stressful a day I have, Pat is able to bring me back in balance which allows me to face the next day with calm and confidence. My husband thought my visits to Pat were frivolous but after one session with Laura he now makes sure I book appointments for the two of us. We have been regular clients of Pat and Laura for 6 years now and look forward to our monthly ‘date night’ with Pat and Laura.

Heather and Mike Mahood
Jordan Station, Ontario

In the fall of 2003 I met Pat and it was suggested to me that I should have a couple ear candling sessions. At the time I was experiencing migraine headaches and terrible sinus issues. I did as recommended and had the ear candling done and several times a year thereafter for maintenance. I continued to see Pat for reflexology, reiki, hot stone massage and IonCleanse therapies and she greatly improved my mobility as well. 

About a year and a half after starting these treatments I was visiting my doctor and he asked me if I needed a refill on the migraine medication I had been taking. I was then I realized that I hadn't needed to reach for the meds as I was no longer getting the migraine headaches. 

A little later Laura joined Pat at the clinic and I have enjoyed all forms of treatments from both of these gifted women. I highly recommend them both!

Alison Meeks
Georgetown, Ontario

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